Essential Adult Halloween Party Must Haves For a Hauntingly Good Time

Think of the word ‘Halloween’. What’s the next word you think of? If you thought of ‘costumes’, ‘candy’, or ‘scares’, you’ve failed my test. The correct answer is Party. 

Before all of the costumery and camp, Halloween was meant to be celebrated in a big, flamboyant, and festive way. In the olden days, the whole spooky month of October was dedicated to going absolutely nuts and sacrificing animals for All Hallows Eve. While it’s probably good that we stopped the whole animal sacrifice business, that doesn’t mean we should drop everything else - if anything, we should continue the classic tradition with the ultimate party! On Halloween! For adults! An adult Halloween party, if you will! 

However, in our (sort of) post-pandemic society, it might be hard to remember how to host a party. “How do you entertain adults at a party? What party supplies do you need even??” These are questions I’ve asked myself countless times in a blind pre-party panic. I don’t want you to go through that, so I have carefully curated this excellent list. 

Read these awesome Halloween party tips if you want to know how to throw an adult Halloween party that everyone you know will be talking about for months, possibly for the rest of their lives. Who can say. 

How Do You Make a Party Fun for Adults?

Adults are finicky creatures that are easily bored and hard to understand. I know this, because I am one. I have also had several interactions with adults, and have come to understand that these are the basic ingredients for any adult to have a good time: 

  • Drinks. Beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic in nature) are absolutely essential for adults to have a good time. For Halloween, I suggest spooky cocktails to get your atmosphere going (you can make your Halloween cocktails non-alcoholic for any non-drinkers out there). If you don’t have the right tools, don’t be scared (or maybe do, because it’s for Halloween): we’ve got incredible, easy-to-use bartender kits for beginners and pros alike. Check ‘em out! 
  • Music. You can’t host a party without the right music! Fill up the background space with a playlist you curate on your own, or find one online! Scary music is good, as long as it’s not too scary. 
  • Seating Areas. Adults don’t like sitting on the floor, which is fair. Make sure you have enough seating for at least most of your guests (depending on the size). If you don’t have enough space, you can always take your party outside to create a great outdoor adult Halloween party environment. 
  • Icebreakers. Get everyone talking with some great Halloween trivia questions, horror movie trivia questions, or just general Halloween get-to-know-you questions!

What Can Adults Do at a Halloween Party?

This question is way easier than one might think! Here’s the answer: drinking, games, and/or drinking games. Halloween-themed fun drinking games are vast, easy to play, and put the ‘boo’ in booze (get it? Buckle up because that isn’t the last pun you’re going to see). For non-drinkers (or those who are just looking for more to do than drink), adult Halloween party games are equally fun, and fit the theme! Here’s an incredible list of drinking games that I used last year to take my party from forgettable to fantastic

Now that we’ve nailed down the basics, it’s time to get into the details. Here is my go-to “what do you need for a party” checklist to help you throw a spookily fun house party (told you): 

What Things Do You Need for a Halloween Party?

  • Decor. Listen to me here. It’s very easy to go overboard (or, god forbid, underboard) with Halloween home decor. My personal recommendation for Halloween house decorations is the following: tastefully placed cobwebs, black tablecloths, a spooky pumpkin or 2, and some candles. If you’re planning an outdoor Halloween party, Halloween yard decorations are more flexible - you can really go nuts with fake skeletons and tombstones, projector lights, and more!
  • Halloween Party Favors. This is arguably the most entertaining part of prepping, and where your creativity can really shine. Prepare some cute snacks for a lighthearted party favor, or something spooky like this serial killer trading card set for more hardcore parties.
  • Candy. Don’t forget the most important yet underlooked part of any adult Halloween party: CANDY! Any good Halloween party host knows that you simply must have at least 3 candy bowls present. 
  • Extra Costume Supplies. Assuming your party requires costumes (I will not entertain any notions of a non-costume party here), be sure to have some extra makeup or masks laying around for the lame and lazy attendee who “forgot” to dress up. We all know the one. 
  • A Food and Drinks Menu. This sounds way harder to do than it actually is. People really like having lists of things to look at - we love to categorize things! So why not add this to your list of Halloween party themes? Create a food or drinks menu that lists the appetizers, cocktails, and regular drinks that you’ll have at your party, and place them in your kitchen or on your drink table.

If you’re lost on crafting a good menu for your party, here are some food and drink recommendations: 

Choosing the Right Food & Drinks

Halloween Drinks to Serve

This is most certainly going to be the magnum opus of this blog, mostly due to the fact that this is a cocktail making website. So in short, you’ve come to the right place! I have so many Halloween drink ideas in my roster, it’s scary (MY POWER TO INCLUDE SCARY PUNS IN THIS BLOG IS UNKNOWABLE TO YOU MERE MORTALS).

Cold Cocktails: 

For the real Halloween drink experience: The Witches Brew Cocktail. This drink is essential for your Halloween drink table. Nothing says ‘scary’ like a drink that is a delightfully odd fluorescent green.

For Fall vibes: Apple whiskey. This stuff is so delicious, I’m losing it just thinking about it. Have this at your party to get everyone talking, and also drunk. Honestly, whiskey is the perfect Halloween liquor, so you can serve it as-is with a quality whiskey decanter and some glasses. If you don’t have them, check out our shop here

For frighteningly fruity fun: The Raspberry Smash. Show everyone how cool you are by making this easy-to-make, easier-on-the-eyes beverage for your guests. Also, the smashed raspberries kinda look like blood. Spoooky.

Hot Alcoholic Drinks:

For a comfortable Autumn atmosphere: The Apple Cider Cocktail. It’s hot, sweet, and just a little bit scary. But also delicious!

For a classic twist: The Apple Cider Hot Toddy. Nothing more cozy than adding alcohol to tea, am I right? 

Non Alcoholic Drinks:

Apple cider, apple pie punch, Halloween party punch, non-alcoholic Sangria, and any of the drinks I have listed above (sans-alcohol), would make great drinks for non-drinkers!

Halloween Food to Serve

Planning food for parties is not easy, especially themed parties. But fear not - this is where finger foods will save us! Dips, appetizers, chips, and candy are really all that you need. 

If you’re looking to go above and beyond for an ultra-scary Halloween party, check out this article on spooky themed snacks

Final Thoughts

Planning an adult Halloween party can be quite fear-inducing (I will never stop) - so I hope this blog has helped you plan it out. No matter what, don’t be afraid to let loose and have fun. It’s Halloween! Go nuts! Scare somebody! Scare yourself! 

And have a scary good time!



Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor