Fantastic Covid-Safe Fall Appetizers for all Your Fall Festivities

Fall is the best season. I’m getting pumped as hell just thinking about it. No, it’s not just because I’m a woman who may or may not enjoy the taste of pumpkin spice-flavored beverages that will not be named. It’s because fall has the best fashion, the best festivities, and most importantly, the best food. Autumn meals are warm, comfortable, and filled with amazing spices and aromas (not to mention fall cocktails! Spiked apple cider, whiskey smashes, spiced whiskey in suave whiskey decanters, the whole shabang).

Assuming you love fall as much as I do, maybe you’ve considered celebrating this lovely season via some kind of gathering of friends, or even a party. Great idea! But there’s one problem - with all the different kinds of fall foods out there, surely you’re wondering: what are the best appetizers to serve? More importantly, what are the best fall appetizers to serve? On top of that, what DRINKS does one serve that are easy to make and delicious to drink? And possibly also get people drunk?????

Calm down. The Goddess of Fall has chosen me as the messiah with which She will speak through. I will show you the Autumn Light. 

I hope you brought a snack, because we’re going to go through a lot of topics. The best food, the best drinks (and the best bartender set to make those drinks), easy appetizers for a crowd, and Covid-safe options (Covid is already too scary for this spooky season, but you know what’s scarier? Being unvaccinated. Please get vaccinated.) 

Anyway, let’s get started! 

What are the Best Fall Foods to Make Fall Appetizers with?

What is the most craved food in Autumn? Everyone knows the basics of fall feasts: pumpkin pie...pumpkin bread...pumpkin...cookies...uh...Hm. Okay, so maybe I’m only an expert in one genre. But as it turns out, there are a lot of different pumpkin (and non-pumpkin) foods that are extremely popular in North America. The best base flavors for fall come from root vegetables and squash, which is great news for those of us out there who can’t cook complex things. Here’s a list of the best foundational fall vegetables, and some great food ideas for when you’re doing some serious fall entertaining

  • Pumpkin (duh) and Winter Squash: Anything from spaghetti squash lasagna boats to pumpkin soup are not just ideal, but essential as easy fall appetizers if you’re putting together a party. 
  • Brussels Sprouts: If you’re like me and have the vegetable tolerance of a 10 year old, you’re probably not big on these. But shockingly, brussels sprouts are incredibly versatile and, if prepared well, make for some exceptional fall appetizers. I personally prefer to roast them so I can pretend like they’re something else, but that’s just me.
  • Sweet Potatoes: Sweet potatoes are proof that there truly is good in this dark, dark world. Sweet-yet-savory, these orange gems can be fried to make excellent finger foods for a party, served with marshmallows for a tasty dessert, or added mashed or roasted as a side dish. The choice is yours, baby! 
  • Kale: Roasted kale, kale in salads with’s all delicious, it’s all healthy, and it can all be served as excellent party food
  • Cauliflower: Some people out there have the audacity to call this delightful veggie ‘bland’ - this is blatantly untrue. Roast it, mash it, stick it in a slow cooker with some meat! The options are endless with this multi-use meal enhancer. 

What Fruit is in Season in Fall?

FINALLY. Desserts! Sweet flavors! I’ve been waiting the whole blog to get here! So many incredible party food ideas derive from fruit, especially in the fall. Let’s get into it! 

  • APPLES! APPLES! APPLES! Whether you’re going sweet, savory, or sour, apples are there for you. You can serve apples plain, covered in spices, baked in a pie, smashed in a drink, dipped in caramel, or made into a fancy appetizer with cheese. When looking for easy appetizers for a crowd, you can’t go wrong with America’s favorite fruit. 
  • Pears: Pears are the overlooked and underappreciated cousin of the apple. However, you can make countless just-as-good appetizers with them! Pears make an excellent addition to any appetizer list when paired with goat cheese, blue cheese, walnuts, and caramel. 
  • Cranberries: When we think of cranberries, we often think of basic Thanksgiving appetizers and dressings. You can do that here too, but did you know you can also pair cranberries with cream cheese, brie, and pastry to make incredible and easy Thanksgiving appetizers? Well, now you do! 
  • Figs: You might be noticing a pattern of pairing fruits with cheese to make easy hors d’oeuvres. I will not be ceasing that pattern here. Pair figs with goat cheese, brie, spiced honey, almonds, and even bacon to make individual fall finger foods that will have your friends thinking you’re going to be on the next season of Top Chef.
  • Guava: Guava cookies are the reason I have a gym membership. I highly recommend making these if you want to be the fall party host of the year. Guava is also included in a lot of easy finger foods or appetizers when put on crackers, wrapped in salami, or put on a toothpick with cheese! 

What are the Best Appetizers to Serve During Covid?

This is a bit of a bummer, but we have to be real. Covid is probably going to be around for a while, and we need to be aware and prepared for that. However, that doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating - we just need to mold our partying around it! If we’re trying to be covid-safe, the best way to have a party is outdoors, with appetizers that don’t require people to get all up in each other’s business. Here’s how to do that:

How Do You Serve Individual Appetizers During Covid?

In an effort to be slightly safer in this trying time, many of us who can’t resist the urge to host a party may be intimidated by safety issues, which I understand. However, it isn’t impossible! You can make easy fall hors d’oeuvres covid-safe if you follow these guidelines: easy finger foods and individual portions.

If you’re a little confused about that, here are some great examples of covid-safe fall appetizers:

What are Some Examples of Finger Foods that are Covid-Safe and Fall-Friendly?

  • A Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board. These are great because they don’t need to be portioned out - just grab what you want! For one of these, you’ll need a sliced meat of your choice, several types of cheese cubes, fresh seasonal fruit like apples, pears, or cranberries, dried seasonal fruit, an assortment of nuts, and an assortment of crackers. 
  • Sweet Potato Fry Shots. These are the cutest things I have ever seen in my life. For these, you can grab little mason jars, tiny cups, or whatever you have on hand. Fill the bottom with the dip of your choice (ketchup, caramel, marshmallow sauce, whatever you want), then stick the fries right in! They’re the best fall finger foods I’ve come across that take less than 5 minutes to prep. 
  • Antipasto Salad Cups. Not really a finger food, but if everyone has a utensil you’re golden. These can be made with mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, mini pepperonis, artichoke halves, green olives, black olives, pickled veggies, and basil. Super tasty, super festive, and sorta healthy!
  • Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad Cups. Did somebody say healthy fall appetizers?? I did! Prep this with some feta, spinach leaves, and apple vinaigrette. 
  • Bacon-wrapped Brussels Sprouts. Everything tastes better when wrapped in bacon. Add some blue cheese for an even tastier fall appetizer experience! 
  • Butternut Squash Deviled Eggs with Bacon. Add a fall twist to this classic and easy appetizer for instant success. Also, it’s covered in bacon. 

What Kinds of Drinks Should I Serve At a Fall Party?

Every drink is covid-safe, so long as you’re not taking turns sipping out of the same glass! Sounds gross, but I’ve seen it happen! Let’s start with my favorite topic of all time: fall cocktails.

Alcoholic Drinks

  • Apple Cider Whiskey Smash: Anyone who says fall isn’t their favorite season will eat those words (or drink them, I guess?) after sipping on this delightful cup of heaven. For this, you’ll need to add ice to a cocktail shaker (if you don’t have one, you can find some amazing cocktail sets with everything you need right here! They’re super chic and will fit right in with your fall aesthetic). Add whiskey, lemon juice, and apple cider. Shake until chilled, pour over ice, and enjoy!
  • Apple Cider Mimosa: One of the easiest fall cocktail recipes out there, all you need for this fantastic fall refresher is apple cider, champagne, and apple slices for a garnish. For extra fall ‘zazz, add gold sprinkles to the rim!
  • Spiced Whiskey: Before you come at me saying this isn’t a cocktail, listen - you’re right. But spiced whiskey is so good on its own, you’ll agree it deserves a spot. Add some cinnamon or apple whiskey over ice and serve in our festive whiskey glasses for an unforgettably warm and soothing experience.
  • Pumpkin Spice White Russian Cocktail: This cocktail pairs so well with fall appetizers that I’m shocked I hadn’t heard of them until this year. The sweet spiciness of this drink is so delicious, you’ll think it’s dessert. Add vodka, pumpkin spice creamer, and coffee liqueur into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake, pour into a rimmed glass, and serve with whipped cream on top if you want to send your guests into a state of absolute ecstasy. 
  • Pomegranate Gin Cocktail: Last but not least, this fruity fall delight! Add pomegranate juice, OJ, honey, sparkling water, and gin to, you guessed it - a cocktail shaker - and shake with ice. Pour into a martini glass for some serious class.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

For kids, or those who just prefer not to drink, here are some great suggestions: 

  • Hot Pumpkin Nog: Non-alcoholic, non-dairy, all fall. You’ll need vanilla soy milk, egg, sugar, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, salt, vanilla extract, pumpkin puree, and nutmeg for this special brew. 
  • Hot Chocolate: A fan favorite, and best of all - mad easy to make! Add pumpkin spice syrup for a delicious twist!
  • Apple Cider (Duh): Serve hot. Serve cold. ‘Nuff said. 
  • Sparkling Cranberry Punch: An incredible pair with any fall appetizer, All you need for this is cranberry juice, frozen pink lemonade, and club soda! 

The Goddess of Fall has spoken! With this article, you should have everything you need to throw the Autumn bash of a lifetime. Don’t forget about your bartender sets, whiskey glasses, and anything else you might need to make your party super special. 

Happy Fall, y’all!

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor