The Ultimate Tipsy Tea Party Ideas for a Tastefully Good Time

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Before there was the bar crawl and the booze cruise, there was the tea party. An ancient and highly valued art form, the tea party isn’t just an event - it’s a tradition. 

Anyone who’s anyone knows the high-risk, high-reward environment of being 8 and throwing the perfect tea party for your 3 stuffed animals and 1 doll that your grandma gave you that kind of creeps you out but you can’t exclude because you’re worried it may cast some kind of frightening doll curse on you in the night. 

But, now that we’re older, the art of the tea party has been lost on us. Why is that? Where did the whimsy go? 

I’ll tell you what happened. We got boring. We lost the zazz. We got rid of that doll that grandma gave to us because one night we heard a strange giggle coming from the corner we keep it in and we couldn’t bring ourselves to look, but we can’t help but feel like maybe we saw its arm move just a little bit.

But most importantly, we grew up.

However, we here at Mixology & Craft are about to change all that. How? By incorporating liquor, how else? We’re about to put the fun back in fundamental tradition with a boozy tea party that any adult can enjoy. We’re talking TREATS. We’re talking SOCIALIZING. And most importantly, we’re talking BOOZE. 

So read on for a pinch of nostalgia, a handful of party tips, a few recipes and products to make those recipes simpler, and finally, the perfect tipsy tea party ideas for adults of all ages. 

What is a Tipsy Tea Party?

We can’t start this blog detailing tipsy tea party ideas before we even know what it is! 

Believe it or not, tipsy tea parties are very much a thing. Certain bars in the UK create entire menus based on this fun concept. In these events, you buy a 2 hour package in which you get your own bartender, up to 2 alcoholic tea drinks, some tipsy (alcohol-infused) treats, and a mocktail. 

That sounds rad, but for those looking for a bit of a cheaper option, you probably come up with the supplies to create a tipsy tea party on your own quite easily. How, you ask? 

Be patient and take my hand as I show you to the next aptly titled section: 

How Do You Throw a Boozy Tea Party?

Coming up with good tea party ideas for adults is very easy because, generally speaking, adults are very easy to please when it comes to snacks and alcohol. All you need on hand is some tea, some cute teacups, some cookies and/or cake, a bartending set (don’t have one? We do, and they totally rule), and some alcohol of your choice

Next, you’ll need a place for the party. Honestly, any dining table will do nicely. Just make sure you have enough chairs and nice cups, because there is nothing that kills the mood of a tea party faster than sitting on the floor drinking alcoholic tea out of a solo cup. Our college days are over. 

After that, you’ll need your menu! This shouldn’t be too expensive, as you’ll mostly just need some snacks. Pick some of your favorite sweets (I personally recommend picking sweets that are aesthetically pleasing, because they fit the vibe a little more). 

Here is our recommended menu to have the ultimate tipsy tea party: 

What to Serve at a Tipsy Tea Party

Boozy Drinks to Serve

A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Cocktail:

Let’s kick off this list with a drink that could not possibly fit the vibe any better! Here’s what you’ll need: 

      • 2 ounces of tea-infused rum (you can make this by adding 3 tablespoons of tea leaves and/or a fruit blend and let sit for an hour or so)
      • ¾ of an ounce of lime juice
      • ½ of an ounce of simple syrup
      • ¼ of an ounce of ginger syrup
      • For garnish: A lime wheel!

To prepare: In your Mixology & Craft cocktail shaker, combine the rum, lime juice, and simple syrup. Next, fill it with ice, shake well, and strain into an old fashioned (or whiskey glass), and garnish with a lime wheel. Viola! 

The Boston Tea Party:

Time to take it back to the colonies, folks. This drink is absolutely crazy and isn’t for the faint hearted, because you’re essentially pulling out everything you have in your liquor cabinet. While this is one of my favorite tipsy tea party ideas to use, you may want to wait to bust this crazy cocktail out until after everyone has lost all semblance of formality. Here are the ingredients: 

      • ½ of an ounce of scotch whiskey
      • ½ of an ounce of vodka
      • ½ of an ounce of triple sec
      • ½ of an ounce of rum
      • ½ of an ounce of gin
      • ½ of an ounce of tequila
      • ½ of an ounce of Noilly Prat (extra dry)
      • ½ of an ounce of orange juice
      • ½ of an ounce of sugar syrup
      • A splash of cola

To prepare: Shake the first ten ingredients together with some ice and strain into any glass with ice. Top it off with some coke, and you’re done. 

The Earl Grey Tea Cocktail:

Really fits the vibe of a calm, cool, and collected evening. It’s easy to make, and easier to sip. 

      • A few pouches of Earl Grey tea
      • Honey simple syrup (you can make this by heating honey in water until it has dissolved, then cooling it)
      • Gin
      • Lavender to garnish

To prepare: No measurements are needed for this cocktail, because it’s really up to you how sweet and boozy you want it. Just brew the tea, cool it down with ice, shake it in a cocktail shaker with the gin and honey simple syrup, and pour into your tea glass. Garnish with a sprig of lavender. 

All of these (while great tea party ideas for adults) are easy to prepare, but take a little time. If you’re really just looking to add some alcohol to some tea, you can do that too: 

The best teas to mix with alcohol: Earl Grey black tea, rooibos tea, green tea, and fruit/herbal teas

The best alcohols to mix with tea: Rum, whiskey, gin, bourbon, and vodka

Mix and match to your heart’s content!

The Best Snacks & Pastries to Pair

Sweets are my favorite part of having a mouth with which to shove food into. Here are some sweets that go especially well with tea and alcohol, and look aesthetically pleasing on any tea party table: 

  • Scones 
  • Sponge cake 
  • Madeleines
  • Cupcakes
  • Trifles
  • Macaroons
  • Strawberries
  • Small cakes

Savory Options (for those lacking a sweet tooth):

  • Charcuterie boards
  • Finger sandwiches
  • Savory scones
  • Soup
  • Quiche
  • Seasoned nuts

Decor Ideas for a Boozy Tea Party

Decor is second only in importance to the tea itself. You need good smells, a calm atmosphere, and some super cute tea sets. Make sure you have the right plates as well - if you don’t have fine china, any elegant plates you have around will do nicely. 

For the table: Make sure you have serving plates, a nice tablecloth, silverware, and a dessert stand (I use this one here which is both cute and cheap). You may also want a nice centerpiece, like a bouquet or some candles. 

Most importantly, tea parties often have a dress code - however, you’re the adult, so you can make this dress code anything you want. You can do black tie, business casual, Shrek-themed…the choice is yours! 

Final Thoughts

Having your own boozy tea party should be fun, stress-free, and relaxing. I hope this list has given you a wide range of tipsy tea party ideas to draw from, and if not then too bad  because that’s all I got. For more tips, tricks, and tipsy tidings, check out our website - it’s filled with good products, okay advice, and great recipes

Have a fun and fancy-free fiesta!

Contributing Writer: Aurora Detor